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Canada Goose sale Other uniques are ofcourse the usual tabula rasa and wanderlust for easier mana sustain.Another chest possibility could be an evasion/ES rare chest or maybe a belly of the beast (if you can get the 4 off colours on it) or lightning coil (again, 4 off colours and 60% lightning res).I chose for the splendour because it has the mods that give 100 life and mana after kill. Its handy since scorching ray doesn leech and its a good way to keep life up.I don use one myself, since my regen is pretty good (155 per sec all the time, and goes over 200 with arcane surge up).Also I using an Atziri Splendour chest which gives canada goose outlet uk sale 100 life and mana after each kill.I have noticed canada goose vest outlet though, that sometimes when canada goose outlet paypal I get swarmed by enemies and they All get hits on me that my mana can deplete, which makes canada goose outlet canada casting hard (Scorching Ray). But those situations are rare enough that I don find it usefull to have a mana flask.. Canada Goose sale

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