We need to fix the terrible junctions on Histon Road

The Darwin Green estate has one access point on to Histon Road.

moncler sale outlet There’s already planning permission for the junction although it has not been constructed yet. moncler sale outlet

monlcer down jackets This junction has zero cycle infrastructure. Nothing. Actually it is worse than that. You cycle along lovely raised cycleways up to this junction before being more or less thrown under a bus. monlcer down jackets

cheap moncler Even though there is more than enough space for a bus stop island to segregate people cycling from people getting off the bus, the currently approved junction just ends the cycleway at the bus stop. cheap moncler

I expect that buses would just pull into the side of people cycling, squishing them, or expect the people cycling to move out into the fast moving traffic, the speed limit being 40 mph, and try not to be squished moncler jacket sale by cars and heavy goods vehicles.

cheap moncler outlet This is not just wrong, this is terrible. cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler sale Frankly, I don’t care that the junction has already got planning permission. The rest of the road is changing. cheap moncler sale

The 14 places in Cambridge every cyclist should avoid

moncler outlet online If Histon Road had already got fully segregated cycleways, protected junctions, and floating bus stops, then planning permission for this junction should have been refused for making cycling worse. moncler outlet online

If moncler sale outlet the junction is built as cheap moncler jackets it is currently planned, then it will have to be rebuilt, and I personally will be lobbying for this to happen immediately it is built.

moncler mens jackets This is a complete waste of money. Your money, and my money. moncler mens jackets

Rattled residents demand rat run lorry ban and new 20mph zone

moncler sale It may also reduce the beneficial Moncler Outlet side effects of the new estate because monies destined for community centres, art projects, and similar great projects, will be redirected to rebuild this junction as it should be. moncler sale

cheap moncler jackets This is short sighted. Just because a junction has planning permission doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved, redesigned, and built correctly in the first place. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet store And I haven’t even mentioned the King’s Hedges Road junction. This was built by, oh, a housing developer, who assumed that everybody would drive, even though most people walk or cycle. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet The junction moncler outlet jackets is terrible from a cycling point of view, and can you guess what improvements they are going to make? Well, they are moving the merge point, or what I would call the designated squishing area, a little. moncler outlet

Let’s make it easier to cycle and walk to school to tackle child obesity

No moncler outlet store segregation. No ‘hold the left turn’. No cycle infrastructure at all. No, you have to hold your own with traffic that has just been doing 70 mph.

So yes, this junction cheap moncler will also have to be moncler outlet online redesigned for cycle traffic at some point. At your cost. It too could have been moncler sale fixed before it was built.

moncler outlet sale Can we please fix the junctions before they are built? moncler outlet sale

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