While lots of bands will be flexible, they would also like to be appropriately compensated. The definition here of “appropriate” is the huge variable. Sometimes even the smallest bands can have firm opinions about what their songs are worth.. There are more, but I don remember off the top of my head. One thing I learned: My preferences seem to be totally random, not based on a certain fragrance family. There certain notes I like and don like, but I never know how a perfume going to smell just by reading the list of notes.

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Maybe I’m as old and lame as the Pregnant Nun costume but, um, she’s in elementary school. (Well, at least I hope she’s in school. For all I know she’s one of those Hollywood kidlets who is “tutored” on whatever movie set she’s currently working on.) The only time a fourth grader should be this close to flashing her underoos is if she is hanging by her knees from the monkey bars.

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