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moncler outlet It was a tragedy to hear the news of the pristine Red Deer River system becoming exposed to the environmental disaster of an oil spill. A blessing of sorts is how the pipeline break under the Red Deer River was not carrying the thick heavy bitumen/condensate mix from Northern Alberta. The product reportedly spilled is called light sweet correction crude. The impact however is serious beyond compare for Alberta and downstream cities, such moncler sale outlet as Red Deer. Yet the spill presents an opportunity for the oil companies, along with their clean up plans, cheap moncler outlet a once in a lifetime chance to prove themselves. moncler outlet

A short distance away from the spill the river is contained behind a dam. This dam, like all dams, created a large reservoir called Gleniffer Lake. The entire cheap moncler jackets sale region upstream and downstream of the oil spill is renowned as a recreational, hunting and fishing destination. Numerous ecological reserves have been identified and protected.

cheap moncler The Dickson Dam at the east end of Gleniffer Lake provides a huge opportunity to contain the mess created by the oil spill. The rivers of the area are all reaching their peak and more rain is expected. This presents a problem at the Dickson Dam. The water flow cannot be stopped or restrained. It may even be forced to release higher volumes due to the high water. Yet, the Dickson Dam containment structure itself offers an ideal opportunity for the Environment Ministry and the companies clean up professionals to demonstrate their advanced technology. It might rightly be referred to as the last defence. If the oil residue cannot be prevented from entering the Red Deer water supply with such an ideal opportunity, albeit under dire circumstances, the oil companies and the Environment Ministry will have proven what their opposition have moncler outlet store been claiming, they are completely negligent in evaluating and assessing the dangers of these pipelines. cheap moncler

Northwest British Columbian residents are in quiet reflection today. This incident moncler outlet jackets is exactly what they have been raising concerns regarding. No one is happy, no one is smiling.

moncler outlet sale Oilsands, gas well and oil rig workers, pipeline builders and technical engineers in the petro chemical industry, are moms and dads, sons and daughters. They enjoy, boating, skiing, hunting and fishing. Watching the water gently flow by while sitting on a bench on the river bank is a common pastime. Being able to enjoy these activities requires an income and the oil patch can moncler outlet be argued as providing the best wages. moncler outlet sale

Many of those in the patch have argued against the opposition to more pipelines and the export of the product by tankers through BC west coast waters. Today many Albertan hunters, fishers and outdoors men and women will come to understand what these concerns are truly about.

It is not a group of tree hugging, ganga smoking, welfare addicts who are opposing the tankers and the pipelines. The oil spill by Enbridge in Michigan should have demonstrated this. It is all of us; all nationalities, all religious sects, all ages, all classes, both sexes.

moncler sale The Pine Pass river spill, which destroyed the water system of the town of Chetwynd, was fair warning. Today Red Deer is facing an unforgivable mess. Kitimat, BC is watching, trembling. The entire water shed and the Pacific foreshore of Douglas Channel is up for destruction, far worse than what the Red Deer River is facing today. moncler sale

buy moncler jackets Dickson Dam, Gleiffer Lake and the entire Red Deer River foreshore is completely accessible on both sides with a containment lake about 50 kilometers downstream from the spill. The product even floats, evaporates more easily, and the vapours do not cause serious immediate nerve damage. Unlike the ‘Dilbit’ bitumen from Northern Alberta which does not float, poisons those exposed to it, remains where it is spilled for decades and is transported through completely inaccessible territory. buy moncler jackets

cheap moncler sale Will, under these absolutely ideal conditions, the Environment Ministry of the richest Province in Canada along with the oil company, most lucrative industry on the globe be able to clean this mess up? cheap Cheap Moncler Jackets moncler sale

Those opposed to pipelines and tankers in BC hope they will be able to, but all the evidence available suggests otherwise.

It is clearly time to re evaluate how the transportation of such products is being performed.

monlcer down jackets While Red Deer water supply is threatened. monlcer down jackets

cheap moncler outlet Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 10th June 2012 cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet online I was stunned by a comment from an Alberta fisherman, hope oil just passes by in a week or two. Germuth who are both grand fellows would get it through your thick moncler jackets outlet little skulls that, firstly, the oil companies will not out for the spill system you promote, just way to expensive! Secondly, even if Edmonton knows they have a quart leak on their hands, Unlikely, more than likely it would be a major failure in some distant backwoods valley in the middle of winter, minus 20 degrees and cheap moncler the leak under tons of debris and snow it would still take crews days to get to the leak to deal with it! The lines would still have miles of pipe full of bitumen and condensate the lines run parallel to each other to leak out into the environment! So the best leak technology will do no good! The best thing to do is process this stuff in Alberta or forget about it all together and get this country off of it addiction to fossil fuels!Comment by BJ BJARNASON on 9th June 2012 moncler outlet online

moncler mens jackets As an oil worker I am more than aware that spills happen I see numerous times in your article you reference how we the oil workers are you interview any Alberta oil workers?? Here I give you my thoughts as a fourth generation oil worker on my about this spill: Poop happens, Plains Midstream will clean it up. Their ya go words from a real oil worker that is how we feel. These pipelines have carried millions of barrels of oil, every once in awhile an accident is gonna happen. Canada leads the world in Oil production with environmental protection you don believe me? Go see how the produce petroleum in Nigeria, Cuba or Saudi. moncler mens jackets

Pushing it.

Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 9th June 2012

cheap moncler outlet online moncler jackets They have tons of fun taking turns with the pushing of the manual mower while I monitor them than using that limb sucking cheap moncler jackets gas mower, heh? It alot of fun for them; while teaching them responsibility as well as the self rewarding feeling of giving back to the Community by helping those in their midst. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler coats I never pick up the grass clippings either them out provides nitrogen directly back into the soil I never mow the lawn short like golfcourse turf; lest moncler outlet sale the cheap moncler coats summer sun burn the roots. As a result I have hardly ever had to waste water using the sprinkler in the summer months to water the lawn maybe 1 2 times/year if even that. Seriously. It true moncler factory outlet cheap moncler coats.